Every winter the real estate market listings thin down as sellers bunker down for the snowy, cold days. Buyers are still out there looking and WAITING for your listing to come on to purchase. Prepare your house TODAY so you can sell to them!

Below are five ways to get your house ready for the real estate market:

1. Remove personal photos – Photos distract buyers and take away from them envisioning themselves as the new owners.

2. Paint interior – Re-paint a wall that needs touch ups or one that is a bright, bold color and may not appeal to all buyers. Use neutral earth tones that will be appeasing to the eye in photos and during showings.

3. Wash windows – Just focus on the inside of windows during the winter. Having clean windows allow more sunlight to stream through and make your home look brighter.

4. De-clutter – Sell, donate or store items you haven’t used for the past year (or you don’t need on a regular basis). Start in the main house and then work your way to the basement and attic.

5. Organize – After de-cluttering, organize and stage your home. Start with the kitchen and bathrooms and move throughout the home, room by room.

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