Summer is coming to an end and many clients and friends I’ve spoken to keep wondering where it went. It always feels like that to me at least. While I look forward to fall and the new clients, home projects and seasonal traditions, I hold on to the long days, fun excursions and planned vacations that come in July and August.

Now that September is a day away, we have no choice but to think of the commitments that come with the new season. Kids are back to school and our routines return. That’s not such a bad thing. I’m looking forward to a bit of a routine. I’m planning new listings coming on and scheduling showings with buyers.

It’s a luxury to be able to watch a whole new season emerge and get to start fresh four times out of the year. Living in New England certainly has it’s trying moments when it comes to the weather, but I’m looking forward to the new chapters it brings as well.

Happy Fall Everyone!